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May 2016 Top Voters

Penguino OwnerEmerald posted Jun 2, 16


May 2016 Top Voters


1st: _Gony_

$20 coupon

2nd: coffeecake_

$20 coupon

3rd: 86MaxSmart

$10 coupon

4th: zdd

$10 coupon

5th: MightyAlekiPayne

$5 coupon

6th: kirbysonic

$5 coupon

A quick update

Penguino OwnerEmerald posted Apr 13, 16

I have 3 things to say.

1. There will no longer be a Punkcraft reset in question. Ive decided not to reset the server and instead open up a new 1.9 survival to go along with the current one.

2. Im now looking for loyal dedicated players interested in being staff members for Punkcraft. This can be either a Mod or a Builder. You can either send me an application you made yourself or wait until the link for applying is setup. Ill be hiring 4 Mods and 2 Builders total!

3. Ive added 3 new tiers of the Supporter pack being $5 / $10 / $15. Ive also now added monthly tokens to go along with the support packs. On another note everything in the server shop is 50% off until the end of summer which still hasnt started. Thats a lot of time to get a decent rank for a good price so if you want to help the server out now would be a perfect time and get some decent benefits to go along with it

Skittle_iscandy I would love to be a mod or builder i love this server its the onlyone i have friends on and it was the first one i ever...
Master_Cheif_HAM Cool Now i dont have to lose Everything again THX SO MUCH!
farts152 EmeraldEnder I would love to be a builder! I would have to play more but It would be fun!

March 2016 Raffle Winners and Top Voters

Penguino OwnerEmerald posted Mar 31, 16


Super Socket Raffle Winners


1st: deathhydra74

2nd: lucycarlile

3rd: SorcererTyfun


March 2016 Top Voters


1st: Haiminta

$20 coupon

2nd: _Gony_

$20 coupon

3rd: FLCL1337

$10 coupon

4th: ConnorIsTaken

$10 coupon

5th: SorcererTyfun

$5 coupon

6th: TheFreezerLegend

$5 coupon

Super Socket Raffle

Penguino OwnerEmerald posted Mar 4, 16

Enter into the Super Socket Raffle for a chance to win high tier socket gems! Each purchase grants you 1 additional entry into the raffle. All punkcraft supporters are entered in 5 times to the raffle. The winner will be chosen at random so dont feel like you cant possibly win something!

Raffle ends: April 1st 2016

1st place:
6 of all possible socket gems at their highest possible tier, 1000 tokens and 12 random socket crates

2nd place:
3 socket gems of your choice at their highest possible tier, 500 tokens and 6 random socket crates

3rd place:
1 socket gem of your choice at their highest possible tier, 250 tokens and 3 random socket crates

united223 Do have to donate this month to join the raffle?
PhilJSci93 I tried using the hub.punkcraft.org to get into the server but for some reason it's not working.
Haengbokhae EmeraldEnderDragonIron Good luck to all the contestants who are going to participate in this raffle! ^^

Punkcraft Supporter Package

Penguino OwnerEmerald posted Feb 1, 16

Hello everyone i updated a new package in the donation store for you guys to check out if interested. Its a punkcraft supporter package and its 25 dollars a month subscription. This donation is for people who truly want to help keep the server running and dont care about material possesion. You will still have benefits but they are not commands or anything of the like. Please consider becoming a supporter as it will greatly benefit the server and avoid any shortage of funds for upkeep, advertisements and sponsorships if enough people contribute.

List of features/benefits:

- Design a npc, quest, mob, or boss like in /warp muffet or thrall

- Request small worldedit tasks such as flattening land, removing an entire building, moving blocks or copying/pasting

- Request small favors within reason

- Get a personal npc of yourself added to the Hall of Fame for all to see

- Automatically entered into every paid raffle or server event free of charge including token raffles, giveaways and server lotteries

- 1 warp of your choice added to the pipboy compass warps for all to see

Reasons to become a supporter:

- Penguino will love you forever.

- The community will love you forever.

- You get awesome benefits no other players will recieve.

- You get to boss around Penguino!

- The server will never run out of funds if enough people support the server this way.

- We would finally be able to afford sponsership on top server lists!

lorddragin EmeraldEnderObsidianIron This is a cool idea to bad its 25$..... You should make other options ex: make the amount changeable (but lower then 25 ...