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Punkcraft Supporter Package

Penguino OwnerEmerald
Penguino @ Punkcraft Survival
posted Feb 1, 16

Hello everyone i updated a new package in the donation store for you guys to check out if interested. Its a punkcraft supporter package and its 25 dollars a month subscription. This donation is for people who truly want to help keep the server running and dont care about material possesion. You will still have benefits but they are not commands or anything of the like. Please consider becoming a supporter as it will greatly benefit the server and avoid any shortage of funds for upkeep, advertisements and sponsorships if enough people contribute.

List of features/benefits:

- Design a npc, quest, mob, or boss like in /warp muffet or thrall

- Request small worldedit tasks such as flattening land, removing an entire building, moving blocks or copying/pasting

- Request small favors within reason

- Get a personal npc of yourself added to the Hall of Fame for all to see

- Automatically entered into every paid raffle or server event free of charge including token raffles, giveaways and server lotteries

- 1 warp of your choice added to the pipboy compass warps for all to see

Reasons to become a supporter:

- Penguino will love you forever.

- The community will love you forever.

- You get awesome benefits no other players will recieve.

- You get to boss around Penguino!

- The server will never run out of funds if enough people support the server this way.

- We would finally be able to afford sponsership on top server lists!


Survival and creative mode

Penguino OwnerEmerald
Penguino @ Punkcraft Survival
posted Jan 23, 16

Creative has been removed from emerald until further notice. I hope this inconvenience isnt too long and will be fixed soon. The reason for the removal was because of the poor performance of the plugin managing the gamemode. I decided it was better to have as much a lag free environment as possible rather than just allowing emerald to continue using creative mode. I hope i can provide good alternatives to keep you guys entertained until then. Creative mode for emeralds will be brought back once the plugin is stable. No ETA just bare with me guys.

Wolfchild8686 EmeraldDragonStone Ok i'm not complaing but i don't wanta get banned for hacks. i was dragon and then long in today and i'm...
Aubrey13 EmeraldStone When will creative be back?
KawaiiWhisk EmeraldEnder Lol ^

The state of the server

Penguino OwnerEmerald
Penguino @ Punkcraft Survival
posted Jan 19, 16

The Problem:

So we all know Punkcraft isnt the server it once used to be. One of the great servers of its time and truly unique for what was available. Those days have slipped away with my inactivity and i am truly one to blame for the quality of server we have today. Recently ive been forcing myself to be much more active and ive being doing well so far updating the network and keeping survival up to date and trying to deal with the lag as best as i can. However its blatant to everyone that all the other servers are neglected. I want to change this throughout this year and hopefully bring back a fun and unique experience to the server with each gamemode. Ill be breaking up the information down here with a list of changes and some discussion on the topics.


I know several people on this server are dedicated in voting but a large majority of players dont take advantage of this or support the server in doing so. Voting is extremely crucial to keeping the server relevant on top lists. Ive added some things to the Survival punk machine and soon will be adding them to all the other servers to help encourage voting. If you dont vote for the server already please consider doing so as it helps out the server alot. Especially if you do not donate to the server this is the only real way to show your appreciation and support us. Voting takes no longer than 2 minutes and you get several goodies so might aswell right?


Creative for some reason has had an influx of players. Im not happy with the way creative is in its current state. The main issue i have with creative is the update for the plots plugin. The update to PlotSquared would require a server reset for Creative. I know you guys will be upset about the reset because lets face it, nobody likes them but they need to be done. Once i have the creative server up to date i can focus on adding new unique features to add life to the server rather than just building endlessly with no goal. I also plan on making creative a little heavy on the roleplay side of things since you guys like that sort of thing for that server. Aswell as adding in all these features i plan on finally adding a reason to vote if youre a creative player. Donation ranks will also see a slight improvement in ease of life with commands that will help out alot such as the return of worldedit in the plots.


Probably the most neglected of all servers. This too would need a reset. With a reset i can focus on redoing the entire skyblock server to be much higher quality rather than trying to fix a sloppy server filled with issues. Like creative i want to add in features that will be interesting and fun for players. One of the features i plan on readding to this server is the shop to help aid players get materials with earned cash from voting or selling aswell as general tweaks to the server.


This has to be the most frustrating thing to deal with. Ive reset Factions twice in hopes of new life but its probably in a worse state than its ever been. Factions will under go a complete map reset again without custom biomes. I also want to remove personal vaults and allow Punkateers+ 1 single virtual chest to use. Aswell as all this i will be trying to spend time on Factions once these changes are made to encourage other players to join in and build a stable community there. Since Factions is the first server i will be redoing again i will let you all know when the reset is happening. Factions will be reset on the 31st of the month this post is made. (Jan 31, 2016)


Yep, thats right guys. Im going to re add vanilla with bare minimum rules. For those who dont know what vanilla minecraft is, its minecraft without plugins or mods. Basically just normal plain and simple minecraft with no bs. I hope some of you are excited for bringing this server gamemode back as some people enjoy the game in a much simple form without the hassle to learn new mechanics or gameplay features.


So i know you all dont like the idea of a reset on these servers but i feel like its the only way to make these servers fresh and new again. The resets wont all happen at the same time as i will first rework Factions, then Skyblock and lastly Creative. Further information and actual dates for these changes will be posted when the time is near. Factions date is already set in stone so look out for those updates soon.

Ash__ Emerald i say do what u need to do, to get the server a new lease of life <3
ShadedPink Lovely.
Ashootsh Dragon Would love to give a hand to help but, You know me penguino very well. i'm a old player if you know me i guess How...

Factions release date

Penguino OwnerEmerald
Penguino @ Punkcraft Survival
posted Oct 1, 15

Hello everyone, Factions is pretty much at the end stages of being released. I decided to push back the release to October 10th. It may however release sooner than that date but only time will tell. I hope you guys are excited for the release of factions as Dean has put alot of work into the spawn area and ive introduced custom biomes. See you guys on the 10th when factions releases and prepare to raid endless noobs.

zysron EmeraldEnder so will factions be on in half an hour or...
ROBOTKUBO EmeraldEnderDiamondIron Lets go baby oh baby a nipple
Stephen_Hawkins ObsidianDiamond October 10th is my birthday best day ever <3.

100,000 Token raffle winner and a little reminder

Penguino OwnerEmerald
Penguino @ Punkcraft Survival
posted Sep 11, 15

Raffle Winner:

Grats to Undieing for winning the raffle by a land slide. Not only does he win the 1,000 dollars worth of tokens but he was literally the only person to enter. With that being said there will NEVER be any more raffles for ANYTHING in the future. Enjoy your tokens Undieing :)

A Friendly Reminder:

It has come to my attention that some players have been harrassing the newest moderator on the server about how she became a mod. I would like you all to think for a minute and understand what im about to tell you guys. I DO NOT hire staff because they donate or anything of the like so please get that nonsense out of your heads already! If i get wind of players harrassing my staff because of this i will take actions against you and you will no longer be allowed to play on MY server. This kind of behavior is disgusting and demoralizing to the staff. The current and past staff have always been hired based off of their desire to help, their knowledge of the server, and how well they communicate with other players. If you seriously think money had anything to do with it, just use your brains for a momment. Deewolf, Quinn, Undieing and several other past staff have never donated a single penny for crying out loud. So please show some respect for these people as theyre the ones who need to put up with this sort of crap every single day. Dont let jealousy blind you.

RyanPlayz YouTube ANNOUNCEMENT go subscribe to my YouTube channel at xRyanPlayz
CaptainODG EnderGold amen.
lorddragin EmeraldEnderObsidianIron Legit i was going to enter but then insane explained what he was doing with them and then we found out we cant use them ...