Regarding the lag in Survival

Penguino Owner posted May 17, 15

Its clear as day theres some lag problem on Survival every so often. Ive updated all the plugins i could and even the latest spigot build but to no avail the problem still exists. My theory is that it could possibly have something to do with coreprotect not being on mysql and lagging behind. Sadly this problem isnt easily fixed as theres no simple way of converting sqlite files to mysql and the plugin itself doesnt have a command to do this either.

So what needs to be done now is to put coreprotect back onto mysql. This will of course reset all /co i history and pretty much only that. Claims, inventories and everything else will still be intact. With that said i need for everyone to please report all the grief they see from now until the day the database transfer is made. Also make sure all your claims are claimed because once /co i is reset nobody will be able to tell who built what anymore and people could easily steal unclaimed houses and claim them as their own. All you need to do is make sure nothing was griefed/stolen and everything is claimed. Take screenshots too just incase if you need to.

Ill be doing the database switch next week May 23rd. If this isnt enough time please post in the comments and we can discuss an extension.

TL;DR: Claim your stuff and make sure you arent griefed before May 23rd

bucketfullofswag ObsidianDiamondCobble Peng am I banned? Please answer
SwordMaster214 Diamond Peng, I apriteate all the things you do for this server but i dont understand why i was banned
SwordMaster214 Diamond i bought things on this server i loved this server and i was just banned for something i didn't do. I never griefed or s ...
--Ender Raffle--

First place for Ender is: LittleBangis

Second place for Dragon is: chris1236

Third place for Nether is: lgleging
LittleBangis GoldIronStoneCobble Sick, my cousin skin stil there.

The new shop system

Penguino Owner posted Feb 12, 15

Ignore this. These monthly ranks changes were reverted

Well guys ive thought long and hard about this and ive made my ultimate decision. At the end of the month the way ranks are purchased will change. You will no long be able to buy ranks from the voter shop and all ranks will be monthly now. Dont panic just yet because i WILL grandfather all current donators into this new system. Basically if you already purchased a rank before the end of this month you will keep your rank forever without additional payments. However if you choose to donate after this month you will be required to pay monthly to keep that rank. So in other words you should seriously take advantage of the shop now so you can get grandfathered in before they become monthly purchases.

All in all it was a decision to better my economic status both personally and for the server. We still have plenty of time to discuss how and exactly what changes will take place but one thing is for sure, if this goes well we would be able to afford several custom plugins, more servers, better advertising and expand so much more.I have a rough idea on how things will be so ill put those here and you can all discuss it on the forums.

All current donators will be grandfathered into this system meaning they wont have to spend an extra penny if they had the rank before these changes.

All rank prices will be cut in half and that will be the monthly price. [ Stone - 2.50 / Ender - 50 ]

Cobble rank will be removed from purchase but combined into Stone.

Stone will no longer have /fly but instead Diamond will.7

Nether will no longer have /god but instead Ender will.

All voter shop ranks will be removed but those who have purchased ranks there will keep them forever aswell as those who paid with real money.

The monthly voter point reward will be changed from 500 to 1000 and there wont be a monthly goal anymore.

Crates and Socket Gems will be added to the voter shop.

If you guys would like to further discuss this, do so at:

izzypuff EnderNetherCobble are the ranks rn monthly? if so i won't be able to keep my rank sadly ;c
KiraraTheCat DragonNetherDiamondGold Also since there is a monthly fee change this in the shop description: "Here you can purchase ranks. These ranks a ...
KiraraTheCat DragonNetherDiamondGold I just don't like how so much changed... I got the rank stone so i could fly, and gold so i could create warps. and now ...
--Ender Raffle--

First place for Ender is: kenna2

Second place for Dragon is: zhinker

Third place for Nether is: Uhrmann00

Lastly fourth place for Obsidian is: Car3cup

Top Voter is: jeffdork81

Tadashi_Hamada EnderNetherObsidianCobble Chao2 go to the store and it the thing that says ender raffle.
chao2 ObsidianDiamondGoldStone how do join raffles ?
pjfroggie EnderDragonObsidianDiamond Yay! My alts have ranks!
So guys alot of stuff has happened this year inside and outside the server. Some good changes, some bad, you know typical stuff. I dont have anything in particular on my list of new years resolutions and i dont want to tell you guys im going to work on anything im actually not. So ill be looking through all the suggestions made from players and see what exactly can be added for a better ease of life on punkcraft. This might involve some upgrades to voting, things on the website, more useful ingame commands or walkthroughs, etc. The forums for sure will be seeing an overhaul this new year so look out for that. I really do hope you all enjoyed your time spent with family and friends, hope to see you all on the server soon :)

--Ender Raffle--

First place for Ender is: ZSpade

Second place for Dragon is: Jmedk

Third place for Nether is: Ande0123456789

Lastly fourth place for Obsidian is: Deewolf

Top Voter is: Peternodefen

chris1236 DiamondGoldIronStone Ummm when is the next Ender Rafle thing
WmLegacy AdminModEnderDragon Hey guys! Just make sure that if you have a suggestion, that it's put into the suggestions thread on the forums. It keep ...
Flaeon DragonNetherIronStone If you see this Pengu pls make multiple Vanilla worlds. The one we have is really beaten up already... sometimes (mostly ...