Upcoming Factions drop party

Penguino Owner posted Jul 14, 14
Hey everyone, im here to let you all know there will be a drop party for donators only in Factions on Saturday 7/19/2014 between 8pm-9pm est. We will have the drop party for 30 minutes then take a break at 8:30pm for a couple minutes, then continue. I will also try to do something for those not able to attend as well as making a forum post so all donators who have lost items in /chest on Factions to post if they will attend the drop party or not. If they cant make it to the drop party i will give them some items on another date they are available.
rrseeker DiamondIronStoneCobble I couldn't come I'm banned and im not sure why
Drago2144 Stone Penguino and punkcraft are the best owner and server ever! I GOT AN ENDER SWORD AND 11 STACKS OF EMERALD BLOCKS!
LittleBangis IronStoneCobble I was unable to come to the drop party

Ender Raffle results: June 2014

Penguino Owner posted Jul 2, 14
--Ender Raffle--

First place for Ender is: Awhelan11

Second place for Dragon is: SunkistLover

Third place for Nether is: CaptainODG

Lastly fourth place for Obsidian is: Jmedk

--Top Voter--
benator10 GoldIronStone so that's it I payed for one on the 3rd I think idk
fir3_Sc0rpi0n StoneCobble @jmedk pls give me ur obby rank ...
CaptainODG ModEnderGold I would like to give my nether rank that i won to insanePOTATO555

Punkcraft, Mojang, and Servers

Penguino Owner posted Jun 13, 14
Hey guys im here with an update on whats to come. Recently im sure youve all heard the news about Mojang killing off donating for items for servers. Well theyve made some points on how they want it to work so its good for everyone. If you want the full article its here:

Basically anything ingame has to stay ingame. Money cannot affect the items you receive such as kits for example. Servers wont be allowed to sell swords, tnt, diamonds, etc. This kinda sucks since most people buy kits for the armor. All my current donators will keep every single reward they get such as the kits with items. However i wont be able to sell the kits in the shop anymore for new/upgrading people once Mojang make this official. Atleast they are still allowing us to sell somethings though.

Voter and Server Shop:

The voter shop will be exactly how it is forever even when minecraft change how donations work. Voting isnt for money so i can allow you to get the ranks with the kits from voting, not donating. The only donations that will be allowed are things such as pets or other visual things.... It sucks that pets is the only thing really to offer but i will deff think about what can be in the ranks still. Also the ranks will still be lifetime and the same as always if you already have them so dont think theyre going away.

New Ranks:

Also since this is happening i think what i can do is make the 2 new ranks pretty much [Donator] and [Sponsor]. The new ranks will replace the old ranks on the store page so you cant buy Cobble-Ender anymore unless you go to the voter shop. These 2 ranks will pretty much be all the current ranks mixed up into these 2 plus more features. The prices will be monthly and itll be Donator for 25 a month and Sponsor for 50 a month.

I hope this doesnt discourage you all from playing servers or donating. Hey maybe even all the babies crying about pay to win can finally get what they want. Im sure in time many awesome new visual plugins or cool features to replace everything else will be available. Also if you honestly are donating for nothing in return use the "feeling generous" section on the store page, Thats how things are probably going to have to be since Mojang really want donations to be like this.

awesomepoopyface DragonStoneCobble I you're talking pets like the EchoPet plugin, they make decent mounts too... and turbosquids can fly if you hold Space. ...
Asian_Sorceres ObsidianGoldIronStone i cant vote! for any thing ! how am i going to get my ranks! peng its been going on the hole month u need to help me ...
ajking01 StoneCobble Peng my '/chest' is not working please help

Server Maintenance

Penguino Owner posted Jun 10, 14
Sorry for the ninja maintenance but im m deciding to do all the update today and put the server in tip top shape hopefully.

Expect the server to be down for a day to even a week as i will be testing everything out. You can post your bugs and suggestions in the appropriate forums and i will review them.

jfwolfslayer22 GoldIronStone Sign Shops so Far are doing good havent seen any bugs or glitches
alexcool429 GoldIronStone HI Penguino Why did you banned me i dont have griefed by you? plz unban me...
Garcolollona IronStoneCobble YOU WILL MAKE A MASTER RESET TOO????
--Ender Raffle--

First place for Ender is: NotoriousNina

Second place for Dragon is: s4mm77

--Top Voter--

CaptainODG ModEnderGold What about 3rd and 4th place?
MiaowTime @Penguino How do we enter the raffle?
Asian_Sorceres ObsidianGoldIronStone What dose Eball get? or dose he get nothing
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