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Voter shop is back!

Penguino Owner posted Apr 11, 14
Remember the good ol days of spending voter points for amazing kits?

Well its back and i expect to overhaul it completely and add in way more things. I realize voter points have no real purpose now except for buying ranks but lets face it... Wheres the good stuff? I want to add several new things to the voter shop and donation shop all together.

You wont be getting those crazy kits in all servers though, it has to be balanced and each server will get its own special bundles and such. I hope this encourages more of you to vote now that there are more rewards available for it.

DinoDragon174 Stone I like mad scientist it gives you all the hard potions so you don't need to brew them at home! ...
MaxKat99 IronStone Extreme Raider is my favorite kit! ...
PneFinney IronStoneCobble Will you still beable to buy ranks with points??

Survival Virtual Chests

Penguino Owner posted Mar 24, 14
Hey guys ive been aware of the recent issue with the /chests again. I currently want to see if doing a clean install of the plugin and database could fix any issues with the plugin. I want to do this hopefully tonight. I advise everyone who has access to /chest in survival to move your items into a protected chest and not to use /chest until an ok is given to use them again.

/chest should be safe (how many times will i say this and never come true lol)
MaxKat99 IronStone Penguino i cant get on Punkcraft because its not upadated to to 1.7.7 plaese update it
ignite7 update please i cant get it 1.7.7 is awesome but it would be more awesome if you updated it
DinoDragon174 Stone PENG can you update punkcraft to 1.7.6 I cant get on unless you update it :3

Rpg Server Teasers

Penguino Owner posted Mar 19, 14
Hey i know alot of you are excited for the new rpg server thats to be released at a later time. Dhonesty thinks its a good idea to show you all some nice screenshots to get you more hyped about our big plans for a unique experience only found on Punkcraft! So enjoy these HD shader screenshots of a sand town on the new rpg server.

Bygglukis Cobble Hi
Deathz_Fear Nether will this be having an overall theme? like Medieval with Royals and Kings with different houses? Kinda like a Games of T ...
mattscool135 GoldIron that's awesome! The other servers will still be around right? (like survival, skyblocks, etc.)
So today i came onto the server and spoke abit on a subject im sure none of us like but must be done. Survival is currently in terrible condition. Walking outside spawn shows corrupt chunks and its crashing the server constantly. It would be best to wipe the server and start over fresh with all the problems done away with. This weekend Ill be bring survival down and backing the world and claims. We will test to see if a new world will indeed stop the crashing or not.

Hope you all understand this has to be done. Donators and non donators will not lose their ranks and there is a chance /chests wont clear either. So make use of those /chests and stuff them with items for the new survival world.

Hey guys i havent forgot about old survival. The server files will be done transferring to the new server sometime today and we will see what we can do about getting the items. I havent transferred all plugins such as shops because its just for people to get items and get out.
FlameYarbro Cobble Hopefully it will be OK, don't want to see survival go!
Garcolollona StoneCobble PENGUINO!!! answer my message about the enchanting room!!!!
mattscool135 GoldIron Cool thanks Peng
On Thursday 02/13/14 i will be bringing all servers down for maintenance and updates. You wont be able to play on the server for most of the day and once i have an eta i will update this post.

Maintenance List:
- Prep for fixing Survival corrupt chunk (this is taking a long time isnt it...)
- Make sure server version is up to date
- Fix server bugs
- Update plugins

th3gh0stofm3 ObsidianGoldIron I am have the exact same problem as garcollona, showing that he isn't that only person.
Garcolollona StoneCobble The PetPlugin is bugged, please fix it! My pet desappear and i can't remove, or toggle it!
MexicoJoey Diamond On the only snow day i have. -_-
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